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Air & Gas Sampling Bags - Cali-5-Bond™

Gas Sampling Bags

Cali-5-Bond™ air and gas sampling bags provide a simple, reliable and economic method of collecting air, gas and liquid samples from any collection point and transporting them to a centrally located test instrument or remote laboratory for final analysis.

Standard sizes available. Calibrated Instruments also offers custom sizes, shapes and connection choices to meet individual user specifications.



  • Totally Non-Permeable
  • Chemically Inert
  • 5-Layer Material
  • Totally Opaque - provides protection against UV light
  • Extra Strength (5 mil thick)
  • Extremely Rugged & Portable
  • Indefinite Shelf-Life

The construction and materials of Cali-5-Bond™ gas sampling bags ensure the physical integrity of any sample taken, it remains truly representative of its collection environment or medium conditions. Cali-5-Bond™ bags allow all samples to be stored without change over time.

In contrast to other single or multi-layer plastic materials currently in use, polymer Cali-5-Bond™ sampling bags are made by a patented production process bonding five different layers of material together into a single flexible sheet 5 mil (0.14 mm) thick. The absolute barrier to air, gas or liquid permeation is a layer of aluminum foil, a proprietary formulation of HDPE forms the totally inert and non-reactive inner-liner (wetted surface).