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Connection Choices

gas bags

gas bags

The choice of a single standard sample line connection is included in the quoted price of any bag:

  • Twist-Type Valve with Hose-Barb Connection - (V-NPB-1/TT) This connection will allow the user to control the gas flow into or out of the bag by turning the stem open or closed. A jagged barb firmly secures 3/16” ID sample tubing to the stem of the valve.

  • Straight-Through Connection - (STC-NPB-F-SR) This is an unobstructed gas channel connection and will not allow the user to control the flow of gas into or out of the bag. Two types of standard STC’s are available: smooth shaft with “swage-ring” (facilitates the use of "quick disconnect" sample line adapters); or as a tire valve and threaded cap with its spring-loaded closing stem removed. Both are available in nickel plated brass (NPB).


gas bags

gas bags

Optional Connections 

  • Twist-Type Double-O-Ring Valve - (V-NPB-2/OO) Operates in the same way as the Twist-Type Valve, however this valve has a secondary O-ring installed on the valve stem to eliminate gas loss at recommended inflation pressures.

  • The Luer-Fit Valve™ & Luer - Taper Quik-Mate™ Connector - (V-L/F-1) A secure, self-closing valve which cannot be opened or left open accidentally, preventing any loss of gas or liquid sample. It is easy to use and requires no turning or twisting of a valve stem. The Luer-Taper Quik-Mate™ is a flow-through adapter for instant (push-pull) connection. The tapered fit between the ID of the valve stem housing and the OD of the Quik-Mate™ Connector becomes increasingly tighter as pressure is exerted. This ensures a gas-tight fit between the sample line tubing and the Luer-Fit Valve™.

  • Stopcock Valve™ Assembly (Compatible with Luer-Taper Accessories) One of our most popular valves because of its great flexibility in different sampling applications. This valve allows the user to easily adjust the flow of gas with a greater degree of control. It consists of two components: a stopcock-base and a stopcock valve assembly which connects independently to the base by means of a rotating locking nut.

  • gas bagsTire Valves - (V-CHR-S-1.12) Used in the same manner as when installed on an automobile tire. The optional Chrome valve is shown. It is also available in a Nickel Plated Brass version (length: 1.14 in / 29 mm) as a standard sampling bag fixture. An optional PVC intermediate sample line connection (SLC-PVC/6) with a threaded-twist connector is also available for use with the tire valve stem in order to fill and evacuate the gas sampling bag.

  • gas bagsReplaceable Septum Holder - (A-SEPHLD/DEL) - When a septum is affixed (glued) to a gas sampling bag with an adhesive, every penetration of the septum by a syringe needle makes another hole in the underlying bag material. This leads to continued bag deterioration and reduces its useful life. An optional Replaceable Septum Holder allows the user to change the septum as often as required. Replaceable septum holders are available in: Delrin, Nickel plated brass and Polysulfone. Stainless steel is available on special order.

  • Straight-Through Connection - (STC-PP/.75ID) - Not Shown - This polypropylene STC has an inside diameter of 0.75 in (19 mm). This connection can be used when it is necessary to collect unobstructed, extremely low pressure air or gas flow. Examples: expired breathing air; closed chamber CO2 gas exchange; low flow bio-gas samples.

  • Mini-Tube Extension™ - (STC-NPB-1/8"OD) - Not Shown - This STC has an outside diameter of 1/8" (3.2 mm) and can be used to connect smallest flexible tubing to the gas sampling bag. Its ID dimensions approximate those of gas lines typically found in high level GC analytical instrumentation. This STC can be used with the very smallest Swagelok™ double-ended "Quick Disconnect" fittings.


  • Pulse Pump III™ - (Shown in photo on front) This battery operated air/gas sampling pump is used to fill gas sampling bags. The Pulse Pump III™ is easily carried by an individual sampling technician; comfortably worn with our Rucksack when doing IH-OSHA workplace sampling; or can be mounted at a remote test site for unattended operation.

  • Rucksack - Comfortable lightweight backpack which holds 1 to 10 liter volume gas sampling bags. It has a transparent compartment to hold the Pulse Pump III™. This item ensures easy workplace monitoring and hands free operation for the sampler. 

  • Syringes - Standard syringe needle or a deflected point syringe needle can be used in conjunction with our silicone or latex rubber septum to withdraw or inject a specific volume of air or gas. Although the deflected tip needle does puncture the self-sealing rubber septum, the deflected tip needle does not "core-out" the septum as would a standard medical syringe needle. The Luer-Lok™ syringe, compatible with our Luer-taper fitting, allows the needleless use of a syringe with the Luer-Fit Valve™. Volumes: 10 cm3 / 50 cm3. Other sizes are available.

  • Hann-Pump™ - (Compatible with Luer-Taper Accessories) Provides the simplest and most economical method of grab-sampling available today. Made of PVC; is hand-operated; and represents no danger in an hazardous, explosive area. One-way check valves are fitted to each end of the Hann-Pump™. The Hann-Pump™ is designed to be used with the Luer-Fit Valve™, Stopcock Valve, 3/16” ID sample tubing and other Luer-taper accessories.

  • Cali-Guard™ “Patented” Bag Covers - Protect Cali-5-Bond™ gas sampling bags. They are made from an extremely durable rubber backed, nylon material. They accommodate sampling bags with multiple gas ports and septum. These hardware items are accessed directly through port holes on the bag covers.