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Eukitt® Mounting Medium


Eukitt® and other resin-based media: Eukitt® is a very fast drying general-purpose resin-based mounting medium. Eukitt® will solidify within about 20 minutes. The specimens must be free of water and placed first in alcohol and then in xylene prior to mounting. The use of xylene is a disadvantage, as it is harmful when inhaled. Eukitt® itself can also be diluted by xylene to adjust it viscosity.

Besides Eukitt®, a range of other resin-based mounting media are commercially available, such as Diatex, Entellan, Malinol, Rhenohistol and Depex. They differ in their refractive index. All of these mounting media require the specimen to be first dehydrated in alcohol and then transferred to xylene. Some of these resins shrink significantly during the drying process.

Summary: The advantage of Eukitt® is that it is a fast drying mounting medium. The disadvantage is the need for toxic solvents to prepare the specimen.

Technical Advantages

With the high-quality classics mounting media Eukitt® it was found a valuable and extremely user-friendly product in 1953, the early days of the company. Eukitt® is characterized by fast curing, crystal-clear optics with a favourable refractive index, good fluidity and low shrinkage. Therefore it is used very often in coverslipping machines.

The product is tolerant against water as well as traces of alcohol and is excellent suited for inclusion of pale colored preparations, that appear in media with lower refractive index rich in contrast, as well as those with colorless components.

Due to the neutral pH, stable storage of properly manufactured preparations is possible for many years without cracking and discoloration. Eukitt® is colorless, doesn’t change color nor structure of mounted material. Eukitt® is resistant to heat, cold (-17 °C), humidity, daylight and UV light, therefore it conserves preparations unchanged for long periods. Eukitt® should be stored at 20 °C. After use of Eukitt® it is advantageous to close the bottle immediately. In regions with high temperatures thickening can occur by evaporating of the solvent, this effect can be easily reversed by subsequent dilution with Xylene.

Additional Eukitt® can also be used for closure of level glasses of an anatomic pathology specimens collection.

  • Refractive index n [20 °C]: 1.49
  • Viscosity: 250 – 450 mPa*s
  • Curing time: 20 min
  • No yellowing after long storage
  • No brittle fracture
  • No primary fluorescence under UV light



  • Fast Drying
  • No Air Bubbles
  • Chemically Neutral
  • Passive to Ultraviolet Light
  • Unaffected by Cold
  • Recommended for Many Research and Routine Histological/Cytological Preparations
  • Total Optical Clarity
  • Refractive Index Close to Glass (Tissue Elements)
  • Non-Yellowing After Many Years
  • Mixes Easily with Xylene
  • Outstanding Performance with Automated Coverslipping Equipment

Minimizing drying time is critical to successful slide presentation. Fast drying mounting medium prevents moisture from developing under the coverglass and consequent clouding of the specimen. Eukitt® Mounting Medium dries clear in ambient air for microscopic review and patient diagnosis within twenty minutes of application.

A microscopy specimen must be processed well, presented well and delivered in a timely manner for operating room decisions, daily rounds, or office visits. Even the best processing techniques are easily obscured by bad presentation.

Internationally recognized, Eukitt® ensures superior optical mounting of soft and hard tissue specimens. Finished slides are easily reworked by immersing the previously mounted specimen in xylene to remove both the coverslip and Eukitt® mounting medium before remounting.

Eukitt® is also renowned for its application in bone preparations, particularly when using fluorescent dyes.

Whether you are processing routine tissue, bone or cytological samples, Eukitt® mounting medium will provide the finest possible final specimen preparation ... FAST!

Due to its chemical resin composition, Eukitt® not only dries quickly but remarkably clear. It exhibits a refractive index close to the highest quality glass and similar to tissue elements.

Eukitt® does not crystallize; it causes no microscopic artifacts. And, since it is formulated to mix quickly and evenly with xylene, automated coverslipping with Eukitt® is as simple and easy as manual techniques. Both methods provide the same superior final mountings. Eukitt® is the "product of choice" as recommended by a major microfilter manufacturer.

All of these physical properties and performance characteristics are important.

  • If you are engaged in sophisticated, technical laboratory work;
  • If you lead or support complex research studies and investigations;
  • If you are responsible for laboratory quality control; or,
  • If you simply want to guarantee the professional quality and extend the useful life of your daily work-ups;

Then Eukitt® is a must in your hospital or clinic; research, teaching or industrial laboratory.