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Industrial process and fundamental research applications are as numerous as the human imagination can be creative. New uses are literally discovered every day; and join applications as diverse as collecting vapors; liquids; and even odors for panel testing.

  • Hard-to-Reach Locations - Ideal for use, bags are an essential supply item when stack testing CEMS or conducting FCC tests at petroleum refineries.
  • Real-Time Gas Analysis Techniques - Often time restricts gas monitoring activity to a single fixed point. In contrast, totally portable gas sampling bags permit absolute freedom of movement and permit economic simultaneous sampling over a wide area.
  • Oil & Gas Field Exploration - Used extensively in oil and gas field exploration as wells are sunk and monitored. Ideal for collecting natural gas samples for isotopic analysis and source characterization.
  • Biotechnology & Life Science - Cali-5-Bond™ sample bags fly in NASA’s Space Program and are also found in the deepest mines; both instances where monitoring air quality is a “life and death” matter.
  • EPA Environmental or IH/OSHA Collection - Gas sampling bags may be used to collect "grab" or "time weighted" samples for ambient air and workplace compliance applications and audits.