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Although Calibrated has been in business for almost 60 years, the past few years have seen a significant increase in new applications for Cali-5-Bond™ bags around the world. From research laboratories to breweries, outer space to the depths of the seas, Cali-5-Bond™ sampling bags play a role in the scientific efforts to comprehend our ever-changing planet.

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We’ve Used Cali-5-Bond Bags For Years

Actually, I have already been a good sales rep for Calibrated: over the years I have directed a lot of people to your web and sample bags. The last order you got from ANSTO was from my colleagues here, at my bequest. Indeed, over the last week I have had two separate inquiries from people who want gas analysed at our laboratory and in both cases I have recommended Cali-5-Bond bags; I have had some bad experiences with sample bags sold by some of your competitors. It may be our clients will end up contacting you directly and placing their own orders; I realised that our stock of bags are low so I decided to replenish it so that I could provide bags if need be.

We have found Cali-5-Bond bags store the samples reliably for months unlike some other sampling bags that are on the market.

Dr. Andrew Smith

Sen. Prin. Research Scientist - ANSTO
Apr 17, 2019

The Cali-5-Bond Bag in Use

A short video on how we use the Cali-5-Bond sampling bags.

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Clarah Kimani and Karim Mtili

Postgraduate students - Helium One
Dar es Salaam,Tanzania
May 6, 2019

Cali-5-Bond bags

These bags worked great for hydrogen sampling. The valves were easy to use. The bags met our expectations.

William Best

Senior Project Manager - CEC
Charlotte, NC
Jul 2, 2019


Refining Process Services, Inc has been using Calibrated Instruments, Inc. Cali-5-BondTM gas sampling bags for over 33 years. The quality of the bags has been consistently excellent and
the technical service has always been outstanding. The team at Calibrated Instruments, Inc. has worked with us to customize the bag design, which has allowed us to simplify our sampling
procedures. Over the years, we have used close to 1000 sample bags and we have never had a leak or a loss problem. On several occasions, when we have had to place rush orders,
Calibrated has always been able to meet our (sometimes unreasonable) deadlines. We use the bags in a procedure called Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit Reaction Mix Sampling, in
which we are obtaining a sample that contains everything from hydrogen and H2S through heavy fuel oil. We chose these particular bags because they are impermeable to hydrogen, inert with
regard to H2S as well as being sturdy and reliable. The bags can be used for sampling a wide a variety of process and exhaust streams in refineries, petrochemical plants and other industrial
operations. We highly recommend Calibrated Instruments, Inc., their product and the personnel without reservation. You may contact me directly if you have any questions.

Refining Process Services, Inc.
(909) 980-5451

Bob Campagna

Refining Process Services, Inc.
(909) 980-5451
Jul 2, 2019

Calibration Bag

I needed to research this bag as I was not the one who purchased it. Came to find out we purchased this from Calibrated back in 2004. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this bag had been useful to us for so many years. My environmental department put in an order for 6 more, and I see no reason to change type or supplier. Tina, the manager at Calibrated, was very pleasant and very helpful. It has been a pleasure doing business and I look forward to continuing to use you products.
Thank you so much,
Michael Smith, Amvac Chemicals.

Michael Smith

MRO Purchasing - Amvac Chemical Corp
Los Angeles
Oct 1, 2019

Penn State University uses Cali-5-Bond™ Bags

Our current project involves the conversion of biomass into biogas using the process of anaerobic digestion. As a part of this project, we regularly collect and analyze biogas samples.

For this, we are using the Calibrated Instruments Inc. Cali-5-Bond™ Gas Sampling Bags. These bags are multilayered, sturdy, leakproof and work very well for collecting and storing our samples until we are able to analyze them.

An additional advantage is to be able to customize the size and the ports of the gas bags so that we can design them based on our needs for specific experiments. The bags come with valves and sampling ports as well, which makes the collection and analysis fairly easy. We have had good success with these and have been able to use them quite reliably for our needs.


Anahita Bharadwaj

Penn State University
Oct 8, 2019

Using Cali Bond Bags to Find Helium

I have been using Cali-5 Bond bags for soil gas sample for helium and hydrocarbon exploration for about 15 years. I like the replaceable septum on the 500 ml bags that prevent leakage of helium and hydrocarbons from the bags over considerable time. In June, I will collect soil gas samples in 500 ml Cali bags over a helium prospect in Arizona. The samples will be analyzed in the field using a portable quadrupole mass spectrometer for hydrocarbons and fixed gases including helium. The nice thing about Cali-5 bags is they won’t leak and you can take samples at atmospheric pressure, which is necessary for introducing the sample to the mass spec.

Dr. David M Seneshen

President - Geochemical Insight
Denver, Colorado
May 7, 2020

Leak Resistant Sampling

I work at a fluids Geochemical laboratory and we know from experience that the Cali-5-Bond bags are the most robust gas sampling vessel. Clients will drop off samples in cheap tedlar bags only to be disappointed when the results have been compromised due to vessel leakage. We always in turn recommend they use Cali-5-Bond bags in the future to drastically reduce this possibility. Cheap leaking tedlar bags will always change the isotopic results of the sample. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Kelsey Marzolf

Laboratory Supervisor - Dolan Integration Group
Westminster, CO
Oct 30, 2019


Great doing business with Calibrated Instruments. Very fast shipping and they always respond quickly.

Steve K.

Geologist - NFG
Buffalo, NY
Oct 15, 2019

Great option for anaerobic culture gas samples

We have been using Cali-bags with luer-fit valves to store gas samples from our anaerobic culturing experiments. They are very easy to use and we have not had any problems with sample leakage. We are very pleased with their performance!

Matthew Kirk

Associate Professor - Kansas State University
Manhattan, Kansas
Aug 3, 2020

Great Quality Gas Bags!

Thank you very much for getting my order shipped out right away! Great quality gas bags and great service! 🙂

James Donald

InnoTech Alberta
Jul 6, 2023

Over the years, we have built a fabric of trust and have maintained long-lasting relationships with many of our customers. A significant part of our business comes from referrals. We hope that a testimonial about your direct experience with our products may help other potential users to feel confident in trusting Calibrated Instruments with their sampling applications.

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Although Calibrated has been in business for almost 60 years, the past few years have seen a significant increase in new applications for Cali-5-Bond™ bags around the world. From research laboratories to breweries, outer space to the depths of the seas, Cali-5-Bond™ sampling bags play a role in the scientific efforts to comprehend our ever-changing planet.

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