Applications for Cali-5-Bond™ multi-layer sampling bags

Our Cali-5-Bond™ sampling bags have been used around the world for a variety of applications in many industries. Expanded uses for our bags are continually being developed in the marketplace. The purpose of this blog is to list some of the successful applications for C5B bags. Please contact us so we can add your specific application and experience using our product. It would be great (although not necessary) if you would provide contact information as well. It is our hope that we can offer a forum that brings our customers together to share information and experiences. Our plan is to update this blog weekly with our customers’ experiences.

Customer applications of Cali-5-Bond Multi-layer sampling bags

To collect biogas from lab-designed bioreactors that are designed to be simulations of landfill operation. These reactors are operated, un-pressurized, with differing degrees of flow rate depending on the gas production rate. Besides this, the gas bags undergo a flow rate pulled via a vacuum to a flow meter at a rate of 1.0L/min to measure cumulative biogas production over time. I have heard from colleagues these gas bags are pretty exceptional relative to the competition so I was curious about exploring them for my application. I have (2) peers at ASU that use them. I have used one or two of the (20) mL bags with a stopcock valve and have also seen them used in a similar application as I am using them.”


“We’ve been using the current bag and pump for about 8 months. They have held up very well, it was only due to misuse that they required replacing. Someone had tried to use lubricant to attach the hoses and it plugged the check valves….We use them to collect biogas from our anaerobic reactor to measure methane concentration. They work quite well when properly cared for haha.”

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